Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding The Fountain of Youth

“Behold, I make all things new”  -  Revelations 21:6


The devil made her do it.  Eve ate the apple from the “tree of knowledge” and the apple has been a part of our human destiny ever since!  All throughout history it has been used as food and medicine.  Hippocrates treated patients with the vinegar as far back as 400 BC.  Could this fermented descendant of Eve’s fateful bite indeed be the perfect food?


Throughout biblical times vinegar was used to treat wounds and infections and it has been cited in a multitude of medical texts.  What is the magic ingredient that gives this sour “medicine” it’s mighty power?  Potassium!  It is the star mineral around which all the other minerals revolve.  It is what attracts “living water” to our cells.


The main function of potassium is to promote cell, tissue and organism growth.  It is necessary to replace dead cells and tissue.  I say it is the stuff of RESURRECTION!


I have been reading up on this miracle tonic because of the many marvelous things it can do for our bodies to maximize our greatest potential to heal and have vibrant health.  Apple cider vinegar is an important ingredient of my comeback plan because it is known to do the following according to Patricia Bragg’s book “”Apple Cider Vinegar”:


-       cleans out clogged arteries

-       relieves chronic fatigue

-       flushes out fat

-       rids body of toxic wastes

-       relieves headaches

-       combats corns and callouses

-       zaps sore throats and laryngitis

-       balances ph of skin

-       restores the acid to alkaline balance to body

-       relieves sunburn pain

-       rejuvenates skin

-       heals minor cuts and abrasions

-       treats yeast and fungus infections

-       stops pain and itching from insect bites

-       helps scalp and hair conditions

-       soothes muscle soreness and aching joints

-       strengthens heart

-       improves digestion

-       fights kidney and bladder problems

-       combats gallstones

-       shrinks prostrate

-       helps female troubles

-       fights arthritis

-       helps regularity

-       dissolves acid crystals in stiff joints

-       banishes stiffness from body

-       normalizes blood pressure

-       relieves muscle cramps

-       keeps you healthy, youthful and vigorous

-       fights bacteria and viruses

-       strengthens and clears eyes


Is there something apple cider vinegar could do for you?  I am ready to try to knock out a few things from the above list!  For daily maintenance it is recommended to drink an “apple cider vinegar cocktail” by combining a few spoonfuls of the vinegar with some raw honey in a glass of water.  Once a day keeps the doctor away!  If you are really serious about results it is recommended to drink a glass on rising, before lunch, and before dinner.


I am incorporating this elixir of life into my daily habits because I suspect I may be deficient as many people are.  Body signs of potassium deficiency are:


-       Bone and muscle aches

-       Body feels heavy and tired – its an effort to move

-       Shooting pains or dizziness when straightening up after leaning over

-       Morning dull headaches upon rising or when stressed

-       Dull faded hair that lacks sheen or luster

-       Itchy scalp or premature thinning, balding hair

-       Itchy eyes that feel sore or uncomfortable and appear bloodshot or watery

-       Eyes that tire easily and will not focus when they should

-       Tiring physically and mentally with the slightest effort

-       Loss of mental alertness

-       Difficult decision making

-       Memory failure

-       Easily irritable and impatient

-       Nervous, depressed, in a mental fog

-       Mental exhaustion chilly hands and feet


Bottoms up and cheers to you if you decide to join me in a quest for a stronger, longer and healthier life!  I’ll see you at the starting line of your own marathon, to the life of your dreams.  I encourage each of you to dream big, think big, but enjoy the small miracles of everyday life.  Remember, nothing is impossible for God.


Have a heavenly day!



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